Everything to know about Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a magnificent and old breed native to Afghanistan that was first employed for highland hunting.  In the US and Europe, it is now a high-end pet and is regarded as one of the oldest breeds. 


Afghan Hounds have been shown in pre-Christian cave art and Greek tapestries dating back thousands of years. introduced in 1925 to England and 1926 to the US. popularised in the 1960s by Barbie's pet.


Due to their dolichocephalic skulls, Afghan Hounds are sight hounds with a 270-degree field of view. They are quick, graceful, and extremely sensitive to pain.

Unique Aspects

The Afghan Hound is popular in dog exhibitions and in films like Lady and the Tramp thanks to its long, lustrous coat. Ads for Budweiser have also included it.

Movie Character

Majestic looking breed with its lustrous coat Suitable for all weather and terrain Makes ideal pet for people with high exercise level


– Requires a lot a grooming and can even require professional help – Not suitable with small pets and children – Sensitive to pain so requires extra care


Regular brushing and bathing are necessary to maintain an Afghan Hound's smooth coat. If you need to, hire specialists. Trim your nails once a month and get grooming early.


Afghan Hounds can have allergies, ear infections, cancer, cataracts, hypothyroidism, hip/elbow dysplasia, and other common diseases as well as hereditary abnormalities.

Common Health Issues

Afghan Hounds are obedient, delicate, and dignified, but they may also be distant. Protective of family, wary of strangers, and unsuitable for novice owners with young children.


Akitas make devoted pets but aren't ideal with young kids or other canines. Socialisation in childhood is essential. regular physical activity and a place to burn off energy.


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