Everything to know about Akita

The Akita is a magnificent breed that was created for frigid conditions and is connected to Japanese nobility.  It makes a great guard dog but needs skilled management, room to run around, and doesn't fare well in hot temperatures. 


The Japanese Akita is both Japan's national dog and a natural monument. Uncertain Spitz origins aside, they were probably developed for combat.


It's crucial to be aware of the following facts before purchasing an Akita: temperamental and prone to violence; may exhibit dominance towards canines of the same sex;  not recommended for apartment life or first-time owners.

Unique Aspects

The genuine story of an Akita who waited for his professor every day at a station is depicted in the well-known film Hachiiko.  The devoted dog waited until the professor passed away, garnering international attention.

Movie Character

Excellent guard dog for the family  Can make affectionate and loyal pets for the family You share your pet with all-time great pet Hachiko


This is not a good pet with small children around Sheds a lot and fur can be seen everywhere Training is a tough task with this breed


Akita owners in training, be ready for shedding! When there is a shedding season, brush the coat every day.  Additionally crucial are tooth brushing and nail trimming. In order to prevent temperamental behaviour, start grooming early.


Akitas are typically healthy, however they are prone to hereditary conditions such hypothyroidism, gastric dilatation volvulus, and hip dysplasia.  These can be managed with surgery, medication, and dietary modifications.

Common Health Issues

Akitas are very clever, independent, and excellent guard dogs. Regular exercise and early socialisation are essential for them.  Not excellent with kids or other pets, yet devoted to the family.


Akitas make devoted pets but aren't ideal with young kids or other canines. Socialisation in childhood is essential. regular physical activity and a place to burn off energy.


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