These Zodiac Signs Are Very Tense In Nature

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These individuals radiate the need for a day (or perhaps a week) of rest and relaxation, as they are unable to relax their jaws and appear tense and tense.

Read on to learn which sign of the zodiac is the most tense, from somewhat strung out to permanently on edge.

These people have trouble letting others in, and they may appear tense and anxious when they aren't actually trying to be. 


They won't let their guard down unless you've earned their trust first, and until then, it's quite difficult for them to loosen up or laugh at themselves.

Some of their anxiety may be alleviated if they can "learn to feel their emotions and express them often," as Schmidt puts it.

Virgos strive for excellence and take great satisfaction from helping others. They won't pause or slow down even if it's obvious they need to rest.


These earth signs are tense because they have a hard time dealing with stress and because they tend to fall downward into a pit of self-doubt when they do.

They are always willing to share their opinion and provide suggestions for improvement, even if you didn't ask for any of those things.

Geminis are known for their gregarious nature and their ability to seamlessly transition between social circles, but they may not always be who they seem to be.


Constantly maintaining an act can be exhausting for Gemini, making them the most tense of the zodiac signs.

There is an underlying buzz of constant thoughts and nerves among these people. They may find great relief from engaging in grounding techniques.

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