Zodiac Signs That Always Forgive

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Perhaps these people are too forgiving, and all that's needed is an apology or an honest talk in which the offender takes responsibility for his or her actions.

Read on to see which sign of the zodiac is the most tolerant of wrongdoing, from mild to extreme.

They are constantly trying new things, and they don't have time to let animosity slow them down.


It takes a lot to upset these fire signs' feelings because they look to higher viewpoints for guidance.

Sagittarians are often forgiving and easygoing, so making them laugh and sharing in their good times is all it takes to earn their forgiveness.

These air signs are notoriously sensitive to the perception of hostility. The sweet Libra always wants everyone to be content.


If it means keeping the peace, "Libra is all about harmony and justice and may forgive easily," adds Schmidt.

Even while they do take things to heart, they will be eager to put the past behind them and begin again as soon as they can.

Pisces are the least likely signs to initiate conflict. They feel everything to an incredible degree and despise seeing people in pain.


If it means returning to a condition of equilibrium and calm, they are willing to forgive at the drop of a hat at any moment's notice.

If you have harmed Pisces in any way and are willing to own up to your mistakes, they will welcome you back into the fold with open arms. 

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