Zodiac Signs That Are Least Trustworthy 

Astrology can have a significant influence in determining who will be the finest (and worst) confidants when it comes to honesty and keeping one's word.

Keep reading to learn which of the  zodiac signs range from the least trustworthy to the most unfaithful.

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, is born with an insatiable drive to achieve. They have an insatiable desire to excel in every endeavor and stand out from the crowd.


They have a reputation for being very competitive and will stop at nothing to achieve their aims.

Aries are friendly and helpful to those they consider friends, but they may be cruel to those they consider foes.  The gloves will come off if you stand between an Aries and what they want.

As one of the zodiac's most communicative signs, Gemini enjoys widespread acclaim from their contemporaries. 


They are notoriously unpredictable in terms of their thoughts and feelings, making it hard to read between the lines with them.

If you are going to rely on a Gemini for something significant, you should ensure that you have a backup plan in place just in case something goes wrong.

Some of the most optimistic and forthright people in the zodiac are Sagittarius. Their propensity for constantly rearranging their professional and social lives


People that have this trait are notorious for prying into others' affairs and are notoriously bad at keeping a secret.

You can bank on them for sound advise and an unbiased viewpoint, but they may not be the best person to air your dirty laundry to.

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