Zodiac Signs That Are Most Attention-Seeking 

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There are others who need constant affirmation. They need everyone's attention all the time, whether they're trying to get accolades or just want to be the center of attention.

Continue reading to learn which zodiac sign is the most attention-seeking, ranging from a little arrogant to tremendously self-absorbed, and find out why.

When it comes to making friends, Geminis are the most eager. They are the zodiac's chatty Kathys, constantly eager to share their latest thoughts with the world.


They have a large fan base, but they are also quite dependent. Geminis, who are ruled by Mercury, have an irresistible drive to share their thoughts and feelings with the world.

They enjoy having others listen to what they have to say, adds Loftis. And they'll go to any length to establish their value.

Aries possesses boundless self-assurance and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. People are drawn to them whether or not they are actively seeking attention.


Schmidt thinks this is because "they have a sense of needing to belong and be accepted," which fuels their desire for notice.

This fire sign is easily bored, so if you don't go out of your way to show them appreciation, they'll soon lose interest.

Leos, whose ruler is the Sun, love the spotlight and are proud to claim the moniker of "Zodiac's Most Attention Seeker."


People often criticize them for being self-centered, yet the truth is that everyone seems to gravitate toward them.

Leo can't be ignored, and like Aries, this fire sign thrives when it receives the admiration it believes it deserves. 

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