Zodiac Signs That Are Most Forgetful 

Forgetting something now and then is very normal; even people with perfect memories forget things occasionally.

But if your friend is chronically late, or if you keep expecting a text that never comes, this could be a sign that they are absentminded.

Generally speaking, Aries people don't have a reputation for being forgetful. In spite of their drive, this ambitious sign consistently takes on more than they can handle.


It's not out of the ordinary for them to forget they agreed to meet a friend somewhere or otherwise flake on a commitment.

In addition, Aries may struggle to focus on a single task since they have so many others competing for their attention.

It's common knowledge that Geminis have lightning-fast wits and tongues to match. This gregarious sign is always looking to make new friends.


It's not that Geminis can't remember things; it's just that they have a lot going on in their heads at once.

You shouldn't be surprised if your Gemini friend can't remember some of the finer points of a conversation you've had with them.

Pisces is at the top of the list of signs that are prone to forgetting things. This dreamy water sign is well-known for its propensity toward absentmindedness.


They have an exceptional memory for important information, especially that which pertains to those closest to them.

Pisces have a tendency to dwell in the future and fantasize for long stretches of time. Because of that, it's tough to concentrate on anything else.

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