Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Cheat

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You may believe you have all the evidence you need to identify a cheater, such as someone who routinely conceals their phone, vanishes without warning.

The whole list of indicators of unfaithfulness could catch you off guard, as it ranges from being unwittingly unfaithful to brazenly engaging in adultery.

The romantic planet Venus governs Libra. This, like Pisces, might lead them to be overly enthusiastic about the prospect of a romantic partnership.


Kirsten says, "Librarians are beauty, balance, and harmony obsessed, so they seek out attractive partners." 

In order to justify their behavior, Librans will tell themselves they were the victims of unfair treatment in their previous relationship.

The Twins are the zodiac's social butterfly, but their tendency toward indecision makes them a cheater's worst nightmare.


This air sign is notoriously unreliable, especially when it comes to making long-term commitments or making preparations for a romantic future.

According to Newman, a Gemini is more prone to cheat on their partner when they are bored, which is not unusual for such an active sign as Gemini.

The first place goes to fellow fire sign Aries. Just like the twins of the zodiac, Aries are fiercely autonomous and resist being bound down to anything or anyone.


They like the beginning of a relationship very much, but they aren't interested in committing to anything serious.

Aries' short fuse is a contributing factor to their promiscuous behavior. "They got angry quickly and calmed down quickly," observes Newman.

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