Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Stand You Up

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Getting stood up is one of the most infuriating things that can happen, but some people don't seem to mind being left in the dust.

Continue reading to learn which signs of the zodiac are most likely to be unreliable, from a little bit unreliable to extremely unreliable, with you.

The average Taurus is trustworthy and rarely cancels on a friend. However, Venus, the goddess of beauty and sensuality, serves as their ruler. 


Especially when it comes to chores or responsibilities they'd rather avoid, this may lead individuals to put themselves first. 

They show their stubbornness by refusing to leave the house if they would rather stay in and watch Netflix.

Leos have confidence in themselves, have a flair for the dramatic, and have a propensity to put their own wants and needs ahead of those of others.


When a fresh opportunity arises, they may show their impulsive side by ditching a date or friends in order to pursue it.

A major difficulty is that "they never stick to a single thing, but the problem is that they never give a reason, and leave the [other] person thinking," as Newman puts it.

Geminis are naturally inquisitive, and they enjoy having some leeway in their plans. A backup plan is recommended if you establish a plan with a Gemini.


They sometimes have trouble sticking to their commitments, particularly when it comes to keeping their appointments and fulfilling their obligations.

They are the most likely to flake out of plans, which makes sense given that they are ruled by Mercury, the planet of transition and uncertainty.

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