Zodiac Signs That Are Most Lovesick 

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A heart-eyed emoji, if you will. You may possibly know a real person whose eyes seem to be filled with hearts all the time. 

Continue reading to see which zodiac sign is the most love-struck, from a bit lovey-dovey to always obsessed, and everything in between!

Cancers are deeply emotional people who don't waste time. You'll know right away whether they like you, and they'll do whatever they can to keep you around.


These sensitive, nurturing Water signs have a tendency to form strong attachments to the people they care about. 

They may experience worry at even the slightest hint of separation. However, this can be quite stressful if the other person isn't on the same page as you.

They have the ability to get lost in their own thoughts and become engrossed in a love tale, regardless of whether or not it is real or merely imagined.


So it seems to reason that Libras are the type to idealize fictitious figures and pursue their own happily ever after.

They believe that a love relationship can aid them in finding the balance and harmony that has eluded them throughout their lives.

When a Pisces falls, it usually falls fast and hard. They are perpetual dreamers who can't help but picture themselves in a happily ever after.


They are the most hopeless romantics of all the zodiac signs, willing to go to any lengths to discover love.

By becoming one with their spouse, they run the risk of becoming completely immersed in the relationship, even if their feelings aren't reciprocated.

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