Zodiac Signs That Very Stressed 

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If you've ever been advised to "take a chill pill," you may find this article to be of interest. You can be the type of person who easily becomes overwhelmed by pressure. 

Read on to find out which sign of the zodiac is the most likely to break under strain, from merely feeling overwhelmed to really collapsing.

They have a reputation for being worried, and once they get going in a downward spiral, there's no stopping them.


According to Clare, they are reasonable and down-to-earth people who are yet obsessed with details and set in their ways. 

Their persistent state of tension is a direct result of their demand for validation as well as their trek toward perfectionism.

You might be wise to rethink your assumption that Pisces are unconcerned and laid-back people.


They are highly perceptive, and their feelings are frequently in overdrive. They are selfless in their desire to help others yet can be neglectful of their own needs.

Pisces is a sign that is prone to getting stressed out far too easily, and if it comes to be too much for them to bear, it will have a bad affect on their day-to-day lives.

It's no wonder that Capricorns are the most anxious because they work until their gas gauge drops below E, and then they work some more.


Being dominated by Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, they are highly motivated and ambitious, which can lead to feelings of stress and restlessness.

They wouldn't be able to push themselves as hard and achieve all of their goals if they didn't have to deal with the stress.

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